Three Rooms

These three rooms or cells were the most important part of my PhD research. Each one was roughly 10sqm, with double masonry walls. what differs is the location of the insulation: these were put on the outside; in the middle and in the inside. Later on after a month an a half the middle insulation was completely removed.

The land was granted for one year by the Municipality of Rasmaska in Koura, North Lebanon.

I also wrote a Paper about these rooms in Energy and Buildings Journal

This is part from my PhD abstract:

To reach this aim, the research starts by monitoring existing apartment buildings, followed by calibrated software-based temperature simulation. Next, in order to reduce the uncertainties found while monitoring the apartments, three test cells with different double masonry walls and insulation configurations are built and their internal temperatures are monitored for a full summer season. They are maintained under a strictly-controlled environment. Later, these test cells are computationally simulated and calibrated. Results show that the best method for studying heavyweight construction is through full scale test cells, since each of the applied methods showed different results for the best performing construction with the least summer overheating”. 

Photo showing more the construction process and the difference between the cells.