Competition 5

Beirut Co-Working Green Spaces


Distinguished Jury

Alphonse Kai; Anis Abou Zaki; Divina Abou Jaoudeh; Ece Cakir Aidan; Georges Hakim; Joseph Rustom; Juan Vallejo; Karen Boujaoude; Mina Hasman; Richard Saad; Rohit Gang; Ruggero Bruno Chialastri

Selected Entries


Mary-Joe Daccache; Diana Criollo Guaman; Marilena Maragkaki; Alessandro Cirillo

Jury’s Comment: Sustainable Environmental design strategies well integrated and clearly presented. Architectural language could have benefited from further elaboration, in particular when it comes to regular massing, and rigid solid and void balance. Overall, a good project and presentation that missed the chance to excel.


Mohamad Al Arnaout; Kassem al Saadi; Mohamad Abo Amou; Mohamad Serhal

Jury’s Comment: The project is using timber in an interesting modular approach. The project has well integrated a large array of sustainable environmental design strategies and explained them clearly. The building is raised to create a pedestrian connection between the sea and the seaside road. Spatial organization and sectional relationship of the various spaces are well designed. Overall a good project and presentation.

Second Runner Up

Rani Whebe; Mostapha el Moussaoui

Jury’s Comments: An overall good project with a lot of potentials that were not fully developed, nor well integrated. The project proposes zebra stairs to act as a funnel for heat collection and natural ventilation, as potentially interesting as this can be, nevertheless it could and should have been much better explained and visualized. 

Honorable Mention

Rawan Abou Dargham; Ghada Ghoussaini; Fatima Ghosn

Jury’s Comment: A fine project that focuses more on the passive design strategies than on the architectural approach. At the same time, the proposal has some interesting architectural features such as good relationships between solid and void, atrium combining a well sized communal space, and allowing for air circulation around the building.

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