Competition 4

Beirut International Train Station


Distinguished Jury

Alphonse Kai; Anis Abou Zaki; Georges Hakim; Habib Melki; Hala Abi Haidar; Hana Alamuddin; joseph Rustom; Karen Boujaoude; Kartikrya Rajput; Rohit Gang; Ruggero Bruno Chialastri; Theresa Sloet Tot Everlo

Selected Entries


Artur Gala

Jury’s Comment: The project presents an impressive sustainable and environmental concept well integrated with the architecture. The project successfully tackled the building’s organization, combined it with a rich spatial experience and managed to achieve fine overall contextual integration. Furthermore, the project did consider embodied carbon which is a crucial aspect of sustainability. Finally, both the architecture presentation and the various strategy illustrations are great.

First Runner Up

Mohamad Al Arnaout; Jamal Joueidi; Kassem al Saadi; Mhamad Nour Maher Abo Amou

Jury’s Comment: The project shows a great proposal of a pragmatic character for a train station. The massing reflects a good integration within the urban fabric. Although its new character is technically, aesthetically and functionally good, yet it still can take minor adjustments for better contextual integration. Furthermore; the project has well explored and seamlessly integrated various sustainable principles. The overall idea is developed to a good level with an excellent presentation.

Second Runner Up

Mohamad Alamin Younis

Jury’s Comments: This proposal hits in particular on the historical approach. The proposed solutions show great integration of various sustainable principals. They are all based on serious explorations. The idea is well developed and is backed up with numbers. 

Honorable Mention I

Tia Bou Khalil; Sabine Chaaya

Jury’s Comment: The project, with its mushroom structure, presents interesting sustainable and environmental design ideas. These ideas, although having great potentials, were not explored to their full potentials: the challenge of water integration, the modular architecture systems, and the green landscapes integration.

Honorable Mention II

Ekatarina Tretyakova; Daria Sivenkova; Alexander Kovalskiy; Vladislav Kozlov

Jury’s Comment: The proposal has done good research and study, and is presenting a good mixture between aesthetics and technical solutions for the main cover. Similarly, the interesting concept allows for various opportunities to be developed on the level of Sustainable design, Urban integration, and Social enhancement. Yet when it comes to the architecture proper, the vision/ proposal is not as clear as it would have been expected.

Honorable Mention III

Wenyi Zhu

Jury’s Comment: The proposal is based on a daring new concept, that was not developed enough. Similarly, the landscape integration, which could have been of utmost interest should have been explored much further. The excavation cost and impact on the environment would be quite significant and raised the question of whether the Beirut railway system would be underground.

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