Competition 3

Beirut Greener Tomorrow

The Program Brief

The most important criteria of the competition is delivering a Green, sustainable, low energy, zero energy or nearly zero energy buildings, bio-climatic. A lot of terms used to define a generic way of seeing and interpreting architecture. As far as Dar[e] and this competition, the concern is summarized by providing maximum users’ comfort while using minimum energy and natural resources, thus having minimum impact onto the environment. Other approach to sustainability take into account one, or more or all of the following points:  

  1. Embedded energy of construction materials
  2. Energy consumed within the construction phase
  3. Overall lifespan energy consumption or (running energy consumption)
  4. End of life or the energy needed for demolition, decommissioning or recycling

Three small adjacent lots (+300sqm) located in the Quarantina Area of Beirut are to be developed into mixed use (residential, office, commercial and public) varying between four to six floors.

Our Esteemed Jury

Alphonse Kai; Ece Cakir Aidan; Georges Hakim; Hana Alamuddin; Herman Calleja; Karen Boujaoudeh; Kartikeya Rajput; Mina Hasman; Richard Saad; Rohit Garg; Rosa Schiano-Phan; Therezia Sloet Tot Everlo

Selected Entries


Hadi al Gharib

The Jury’s Comment: A well-presented and nicely put together project. Attention to details is considered with a wide range of sustainability issues happening such as the changing shading devices according to orientation as well as the overall natural ventilation system. The program is put together to give a sense of single and simple building yet it is community development. Yet further integrating of the green roof along with the functional plan could have further enhance the project.


Mustapha El-Moussaoui; Rani Wehbe; Dana Jaffal; Sara Senturk

The Jury’s Comment: The project has successfully explored and combined good architecture design and sustainable approach in particular with the massing and the overall natural ventilation (elevated ground floor and stacks). Yet further architectural and structural documentation could have considerably benefited the project.

First Runner up

Faria Binte Hafiz; Rafid Rahim; Rubayat Islam Rupak; Adiba Nowshin

The Jury’s Comment: The project has wisely chosen to explore the use of rammed earth as a sustainable material as well as a fine passive design strategy to keep internal spaces cool. Furthermore, the project sustainable strategies are clear and well presented. Yet when it comes to the overall architectural expression the project could have further been developed.

Second Runner UP

Rita Elias; Lili Aoun

The Jury’s Comment: A daring conceptual project, that explored complex and elaborate form seeking and ended up with an interesting design that breaks down the size of the block. Yet combining this daring approach to the program and the sustainable strategies should have been further explored. The commendable main sustainable design solution that is completely integrated within the volume is the wind catcher. Yet the rationale behind not having sun shades; and having intermediate green floors is not clear.

Honorable Mention

Lea el Helou; Alex Khoury; Nour al Nawar; Ghady Bechara

The Jury’s Comment: A good project, good architecture articulation, and good energy strategy, yet its major drawback is that it did not follow the brief when it comes to the proposed areas and numbers of floors.