Competition 2

(Post)Covid-19 Post Blast Temporary Living & Working

Our Distinguished Jury

Karim Nader

Theresa Sloet Tot Everlo

Hana Alamuddin

Ece Cakir Aidan

Richard Saad

Mina Hasman

Anis Abou Zaki

Georges Hakim

Kartikeya Rajput

Rohit Garg

Karen Boujaoude

Competition Brief

The project is a temporary building protype that can be built in a timely manner and can be implemented in any vacant lot within Beirut. Its lifespan between 3 to 5 years, and it will shelter both living and working spaces for Post Blast survivals, while providing comfort using minimal energy. Comfort can be thermal, visual, acoustic as well as mental. Green, sustainable, low energy, zero energy or nearly zero energy buildings are terms used to define a specific approach to architecture. Furthermore, four-time frames are linked to the previous labels: 

  1. Embedded energy of construction materials
  2. Energy consumed within the construction phase
  3. Overall lifespan energy consumption or (running energy consumption)
  4. End of life or the energy needed for demolition, decommissioning or recycling

Since it is a short-term project, the end of life/demolition is an important part in this project. Participants are expected to deal with at least both the overall life span and the end of life phase. 

The Program

This one temporary module should hold: 10 residential units of two sizes for couples and families (approx. 50 and 90 sqm Max). 10 working units (office spaces) for small businesses and freelancers (approx. 25 and 50sqm Max). Communal space for the residents, and or a public function anywhere within the module can be proposed by the participants. The project should NOT exceed 7 floors, for an estimated footprint not exceeding 400sqm. Implemented on a lot that is 600sqm. Balconies, terraces or outdoor spaces are left to the discretions of the participants. Since the project is a prototype module that could be placed in various locations, participants are expected to study (1) various façade treatment for various orientation, and (2) various connectivity of the same module. 

Selected Entries


Charbel Baliss

Arez Chamata

Cynthia Saadeh

Jury’s Comment

A well-presented rich and detailed scheme to be applauded for its excellent research and innovative thought in the way it embeds itself within the existing urban context. The scheme presents a simple and effective design with a rich spatial result and an interesting idea of a possible contextual integration of the system. The scheme explores multiple layout possibilities which when stacked together can create interesting architectural volumes. Furthermore, the ease of construction of the scheme and the circular economy of the materials are clearly showcased. 

First Runner Up

Michele-Catherine Diab

Christopher Khabouth

Elie Ghattas

Sandy Sarkis

Jury’s Comment

An overall interesting scheme, with excellent and rich research that has the potential to bring communities together like the Lebanese village approach and the issue of social well being.  The final spatial result is not at the level of the thought process: too much spatial complexity, spaces are too enclosed, overall could have been way more simplified.

Second Runner Up

Myriam Abou Adal

Regine Khaled

Marc Faysal

Jury’s Comment

Always interesting to see a good old container assembly. The project has an effective approach with a straight forward spatial result. Yet it did not fully capitalise on the flexibility that container can provide ending up slightly lacking in originality. The most important exhibit of the project is the section which in an interesting manner tries to capture the sustainable strategies thought for the proposal.

Co-Honorable Mention I

Aya Youssef

Rita Rachwan

Jury’s Comment

A well presented complete and thorough project using cubical timber units, and covered all the issues of the brief

Co-Honorable Mention I

Hassan Kobeissi

Jury’s Comment

Interesting and controversial project at the same time, the drain pipes do give a negative connotation, yet the overall approach show a creative and intelligent solution.

Honorable Mention II

Zahi Halabi

Khaled Omari

Jury’s Comment

An interesting approach of people/users designing their own units and the systems approach to the issue. The use of the context as a background gives an added value to the project.

Honorable Mention III

Beatrice Accad

Jury’s Comment

More of an apartment building with no flexibility. The green aspects are simplistic.

The Coup d’Coeur

The Coup d’Coeur are Selected projects that selected Jury found particularly interesting

The Coup d’Coeur, Rohit Garg

Mahmoud Fahs

Assil Abdallah

Found the scheme to be very refreshing. The presentation and the architectural design showcases extreme simplicity in approach and its really nice to see a very functional outcome, both in terms of planning and also the potentials for addressing basic passive strategy principles. Without necessarily wanting to re-invent the wheel here, the candidates have tried to create a scheme that can be executed easily and very well address most aspects of the competition brief. 

The Coup d’Coeur, Karim Nader

Christina Battikha

Elio Moussa

Carmen Matta

Nour Balsa

The lucky seeds, for the poetry and exquisite presentation, long live the artist-architect