About Dar[e]

Dar[e] is an official Lebanese not for profit organization, registered at the Ministry of Interior under number 35/2019

The Objectives of Dar[e]

1- To encourage and support research in the field of sustainable design.

2- To exchange expertise and participate in research with universities, scientific organizations, local, regional and international.

3- To launch and to manage competitions for amateurs, and/or students and/or professionals in the field of energy saving and comfort in buildings.

Dar[e] Founder & Current Director

Philippe H. Saleh

PhD, University of Westminster, London, UK. November 2018: Towards nearly Zero Energy Buildings in Lebanon: Bioclimatic design and experimental building strategies.

MSc, Architectural Association, London, UK. October 2011: Cool Balconies: Investigating the Thermal Properties of balconies in Lebanon.

B. Arch, American University of Beirut, Lebanon, October 1998

Short Bio

About Philippe H. Saleh

Graduated from the American University of Beirut, Lebanon, with a Bachelor of Architecture.  Worked in the field on various local projects for more than 10 years, till starting a master’s degree program at the Architectural Association (AA), London, in Sustainable Environmental Design.  After which  part time instructor at a couple of Lebanese Universities, teaching various technical and design courses in Architecture. From September 2014, till November 2018, completed PhD at the University of Westminster, London, under the title:

 Towards nearly zero energy buildings in Lebanon: bioclimatic design and experimental strategies

The findings were presented in four different international conferences and one article in a peer reviewed journal. In addition, the master’s dissertation research was further developed into yet another peer reviewed article.

Publication list

Peer Reviewed Journal

Saleh, P.; Schiano-Phan, R.; Gleeson, C. “The Rasmaska project: temperature behaviour of three, full scale test cells in hot Mediterranean summer: non-insulated double masonry wall and different insulation locations”. Energy and Buildings, Volume 178; August 2018, pp 304-317
Saleh, P.; “Thermal Performance of Glazed Balconies within Heavy Weigh/Thermal Mass Buildings in Beirut, Lebanon’s Hot Coastal Climate”. Energy and Buildings, Volume 108; December 2015, pp 291-303

Conference Proceeding

Saleh, P.; Schiano-Phan, R.; Gleeson, C. “Heavy Weight Thermal Calibration and Validation Methodologies: from Modelling to Full Scale Built Test Cells in Lebanon”. Building simulation and optimization 2018, University of Cambridge 11-12 September 2018
Saleh, P.; Schiano-Phan, R.; Gleeson, C. “What heavy weight buildings in hot climates can tell us about their thermal performance”. PLEA 2017 Proceedings- Design to Thrive, Edinburgh, Scotland, July 2-5, 2017, Volume III, pp 4299-4306
Saleh, P.; Schiano-Phan, R.; Gleeson, C. “Review of minimum U-Values for Lebanon and the associated effect of internal gains”. PLEA 2017 Proceedings- Design to Thrive, Edinburgh, Scotland, July 2-5, 2017, Volume III, pp 4307-4314


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